MDM - International Trade & Distribution Service Fees

Services Offered By MDM 

MDM can provide an A to Z solution including booking flight, hotels, transport, translation,Market guides, price negotiation, supplier acquisition, supplier interrogation, verification of documents and licences, supply chain control, management and much more.

In order to provide an easy and simple guideline our fee's are transparent and known in advance - NO SURPRISES.

What do you Get - List of Provided Services :

1. Dedicated Agent

2. Detailed and unlimited number of quotes

3. Market Viability review*

4. Money Back Guarantee from MDM

5. Supplier Acquisition Research 

6. *Supplier Verification (Licencing, CE, ISO, Export Licence)

7. Price Negotiation

8. *Quality Control

9. Warehousing / Consolidation 

10. Pre-Shipping Inspection 

11. Loading Inspection

12. Shipping and delivery to your warehouse

13. Customs Clearance in Israel 

Additional Optional Services:
Shipping Cartons with your Company logo.
Pallets, Wooden shipping crates, Special Packing.

HS Code Listing, Container Tracking, Vessel Tracking.

Customs declaration and Israel Standards certifications.

Virtual Office in China - Full Time Sourcing Agent.

Constant Factory Visits &100% Quality Control and Verification

Pre-Assembly of products(lower labor costs)

Complete Assembly of Retail Products and Packages.

Additional Value Added Services - Added free of charge

(For The clients interested in coming to china)

1. Flight Booking

2. Hotel Reservation 

3. Free Airport pickup and return

4. Market Guide*

5. Transportation To & From Market* 

6. Free Visa Invitation Letter 

7. Assistance in Israel with Visa 

8. Optional Car Rental(Including Driver)

9. Chabad Contacts for Shabbthe Keeper's

10. Optional Translation to Hebrew


Quality Control

Quality Control is a very Serious aspect of each and every import.

The actions taken in order to confirm that the quality of the manufacturing and or the products sourced is never left to chance with MDM.

We Understand the need to always keep our full attention on the quality management as a small error in the process can have catastrophic effects later on. 

We Provide Trained Personal to Keep a close watch while manufacturing your products.

The personal will conduct surprise visits to check things like storage state of raw materials, actual usage of said materials, competence of factory employees, child labor and so on

Our Quality Control Team will provide you with a detailed Checklist reflecting but not limited to everything stated in your original RFQ file that you have filled out with your MDM Dedicated Agent - This Form will be legally obligating to the manufacturing facility and the quality issues listed there will be a guarantee that your products are constructed, inspected and tested according to your specific specifications and demands.

Our Services Listed - Please contact for Pricing Structure 


Prototype / Sample Verification
Initial Production Monitoring 

Mid Production Monitoring

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Container Loading Check

Quality Control Management and Progressive Inspection Services

Example Quote

Commercial Invoice Example

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Supply Chain Management is a key issue in many businesses, especially so when there is custom manufacturing  involved.

Many business find that maintaining the supply and demand of their products is a key issue as the market's get more competitive there are more options available for clients causing available stock to play a key role in sales.

Filling orders in a timely manner is a critical part of the sales process.

Outsourcing your manufacturing will provide many benefits, Most business lack the ability to invest large sums of money into manufacturing especially in Israel there is a very limited manufacturing ability and due to high labor cost and the cost of importing the raw materials it does not become economical to produce and maintain stock in Israel.

 Supply Chain Management
& Advanced Logistics